Theme and Issue

 International Conference on Educational Leadership in the Light of Science

Congress Theme: Education Leadership in the Light of Science

Congress Main Title / Topics

Division I: Leadership and School Leadership in Administration

 Restructuring of education system

Internationalization and quality of education

Schools of the future and management

Trends in raising school administrator

Restructuring of schools and quality of education

The differences between leader and manager

Higher education restructuring

New trends in graduate education

Innovation in education

Current issues in education

Finance and infrastructure issues in education

Division II: Leadership in Process of Learning and Teaching; Instruction Leadership, Teacher Leadership

 21. Century teaching and learning

Teacher training and employment policies

The student-centered educational practices

Lifelong Learning

Division III: Leadership in the Process of Measurement and Evaluation in Education

Education system accreditation

Assessment and evaluation, New Directions

Division IV: Leadership and Education Leadership in Different Social  and Cultural Contexts

 Education in the process of cultural change

Comparative education practices

Democracy, human rights , values ​​and education

Private sector and education

The Role of civil society organizations in education

The training of state and religion

Place of state assets in education

Family status and education

The place of the state in education

Place of differences in education


Division V: Innovation, New Orientations and Change Leadership in Education

New orientations in educational technology

New trends in early childhood education

New trends in primary and secondary education

New orientations in psychological counseling and guidance

New  in foreign language education

New orientations in Turkish and literature education

New trends in science and mathematics education

New orientations in social studies education

New trends in fine arts and sports education

New trends in education, history and geography

New orientations in special education

New orientations in physics education

New orientations in chemistry  education

New orientations in biology education

New orientations in engineering education

New orientations in health education

Division VI: Technology Leadership in Education and School

Distance  and open education

Technology use in education 


Division VII:Education Leadership in Turkish-Speaking Countries