Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreements


In the 2014-2020 there is a start of the new EU programme for education, training, youth and sport called "Erasmus+". "Erasmus+" will cover the period 2014-2020 and replaces seven existing programmes, including the Lifelong Learning programme (LLP) which will end with the academic year 2013-2014.

The basis to be able to start successful Erasmus mobility activities (required for student mobility for studies and staff mobility for teaching) is the prior signing of inter-institutional agreements between institutions which are holders of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) provides the general quality framework for European and international cooperation activities a higher education institution (HEI) may carry out within the Programme. The award of an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education is a pre-requisite for all HEIs located in an eligible country and willing to participate in learning mobility of individuals and/or cooperation for innovation and good practices under the Programme. For HEIs located in other countries, the ECHE is not required, and the quality framework will be established through inter-institutional agreements between HEIs. The Charter is awarded for the full duration of the Programme.


European Commission awarded the University of Siirt with the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education for 2014-2021 period of the Erasmus+ .

Name of the institution: Siirt University (University of Siirt)
Erasmus code: TR SIIRT01
ECHE: 256986-EPP-1-2014-1-TR-EPPKA3-1-ECHE
Erasmus Policy Statement


Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreements are agreed and signed with the international office and a particular Faculty/Academy of the University. The University of Siirt has 7 Faculties, 3 Institutions, 4 colleges (2-year), 7 Research and Application centers.. Contact list for Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreements at the Faculties/Academies of the University of Siirt

Template for the inter-institutional agreements. (Subject area codes ISCED 2013)

All inter-institutional agreements with the University of Siirt are signed with the decision of the each unit.

Erasmus+ INFORMATION SHEET for partners

Central IRO office contact for Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreements:

Lec.Halil ÖZDEMİR (Mr), Institutional Coordinator
International Relations Office
University of Siirt
Email: ,
Postal address: Siirt University Güres cad. Erasmus Ofisi
56100 Siirt, Turkey



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